Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inspiration: M.C. Escher

Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) is one of the world's most famous graphic artists.
He played with architecture, perspective and impossible spaces. His art continues to amaze and wonder millions of people all over the world. In his work we recognize his keen observation of the world around us and the expressions of his own fantasies. M.C. Escher shows us that reality is wondrous, comprehensible and fascinating. 

Balcony 1945 Lithograph
 Waterfall 1961 Lithograph
Sitll Life and Street 1937 woodcut
Print Gallery 1956 Lithograph

The sense of perspective in these paintings are strong and they do make the painting look ingeniously surreal. Also, there are some paintings, like "Waterfall" where you have to take a closer look to realize the paradox in the painting.  When the artist combine two contrasting yet similar objects together, they really bewilder the viewer and makes the viewer wonder whether what he is seeing is the right thing. For example, the unique combination of a table top and the streets in "Still life and Street". I also fascinated by the "pop-out" effect shown in the painting "balcony", it illustrates how we can bring elements in a painting into focus with a simple effect. Without the effect, it is impossible that anyone would be noticing the balcony amongst the many housing units. I interpret this as a "pun" on the subject, since the balcony is an extended of part the unit in reality, and the artist further emphasizes it by making it pop-out.

While I truly fascinated by these works, but I feel that they are really difficult to create, for I would not have thought of such great ideas to make a painting surreal. However, these works do expand my perspective of surrealistic art and probe me into thinking of ways in which an ordinary landscape or subject can be transformed into a magnificent surreal piece.

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