Friday, May 13, 2011

Coursework - Composition 3 (Europe (Nature))

 This is a surrealistic composition of different elements in nature. I was intrigued by the underwater life thus i tried to combine it with the land and houses. Also, i added in certain surrealistic elements that i have been working on for a while. I would say i am not too please with the watercolour results for i used normal printing paper instead or watercolour paper and the paint just could not be blended properly when i used this type of paper.

                         Zooming into the surrealistic details

A mermaid on land 

The horse and the child. 

1) Feathers of swan turning into waves . 2) Birds vs. boat.  3)Night vs. Day.

Girl feeding mermaid with water. I thought this was a interesting yet hilarious idea since mermaids live in a environment filled with water yet the water is too salty to be suitable for drinking.

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  1. Beautiful and splendid artworks! You have as much creativity as Dali the surrealist artist! All the best to you :)