Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspirations for Coursework Final

1: Chinese Scroll Paintings

Inspired by Chinese scroll, i was fascinated by the idea of the Chinese scroll painting opening up before the viewer, allowing the viewers' eyes to travel through the landscape to pick up the unexpected and surrealistic details. 
I will probably combine my five painting linked into one, with there being some sort of connection between landscapes. The size of the paintings will be small so that the viewers can view the landscape at eye level and is able to take in the painting fully, as a whole.

There will be Inclusion of a character engaged in different activities throughout the landscapes. This adds interest to this painting, almost like a story-book. And it also brings across the idea of these landscapes being perceived through my character’s eyes.

Originally, i wanted to do the final as oil on canvas, yet now i have decided to keep the pen works and opt for watercolour and pen as a medium instead as this is more practical for the small scale which i am going for. Also, i feel that the pens works and slightly stylized forms helps to add sparks to the landscapes.  


Inspiration: London and Paris trip

The AEP London and Paris was a great source of inspiration for the subject matter of my coursework.

The travel really opened up my eyes to the wonders of the world. More significantly, beyond the land marks and magical, charismatic scenes that were attractive and endearing, it opened my eye to the possibilities of art in our everyday surroundings.

The architecture, the greenery, the people, the food. Everything had potential, and possibilities.

The peoples' great appreciation of art, acceptance towards various forms of art and astonishing enthusiasm towards art motivated me. 

In my opinion, London and Paris were cities that spoke art to me, it embodies art.

After the trip, returning to Singapore, i pondered on the prevalence of art in our country.  In the hustle and bustle of London and Paris, people seem to be appreciative of art. However, within Singapore, there seems to be no signs of such. I think it is important, no matter what sort of life we lead, busy or quiet, we need to enjoy art and feel art in our surroundings. Therefore, an idea came across me to do something related to appreciating art in our everyday lives by learning to see the possibilities to create art in our surroundings. Art is highly prevalent in some societies, less so in some.

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