Friday, August 26, 2011

Painting Style For Coursework

I was thinking hard about the style in which i would like to execute my painting. And, I decided to first return to my purpose: What would i want COLOUR to do for my painting?

Upon thinking, i felt that i wanted colour to enhance the black and white, to bring focus to the important parts of various scenes that truly convey the essence of the scene and to mesmerize the viewer in a world of surrealism, efficient and finely executed pen strokes, with a touch of colour about. 

But yet, i do not want colour to overwhelm the painting for i would like to keep the emphasize on the pen strokes. With too much colour, i am afraid that the pen work will dull down and viewers might get too distracted by the colours to truly see beyond the scenes depicted in the painting, thinking that these scenes only exist for visual appeal.

Therefore, i have decided to do a wash, a light wash of watercolour, over certain parts, just to enhance the painting. I will try to be selective and not paint all the parts of the painting. Hopefully, this will do the job.

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