Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Inspiration: Rene Magritte

Magritte can be said to be my favorite surrealism artist of all time. I admire how he manages to create surrealism with such subtleness, yet not compromising the level of surrealism of the painting. 

Many a times in his works, it is the mere idea and concept behind that works that is exceptional, thought provoking such that it shocks, amazes, fascinates the viewers both at first sight and upon close looking upon. I like how he creates surrealism, not fantasy. In my opinion, surrealism and fantasy are very different ideas. Fantasy can be something out of this world, but it has much less depth and meaning in comparison to surrealism. Although surrealism is commonly explained as an artist engaging with their subconscious and creating works of art. In my opinion, it is far more than that. 

One of my favorites. Unpredicted correlation

 So unexpected yet so shocking. Feels surrealistic and peaceful at the same.

Mysterious although it seems peaceful on the outside, Quietly engaging

I think that these works have gone beyond visual tricks. Visual tricks is something easily achieved nowadays, through photoshop and other mediums. Essentially, the the idea behind the work and the way in which the artist painting style blends in perfectly well with the idea.

I would say that magritte is one of the first surrealism artist i came across which truly inspired me to try creating surrealism. Although i did not indicate explicitly that magritte was a source of inspiration of my coursework, it always existed. Sometimes, we are inspired by things even without us knowing it. 

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