Monday, January 17, 2011

Chinese Ink Paintings

These are some Chinese Ink Paintings I did in the past.

Painting of crows perched on a cherry blossom tree:
I used a graduated filter to create the illusion of a blue sky in the background that is originally not painted. This adds a tiny modern twist to the traditional chinese painting.

Painting of mountainous landscape:
I experimented with an different shades of green to paint the mountains. Although, the degree of saturation is unnatural, it adds a magical and whimsical feel to the painting, making the scene seems like a place out of earth.

Painting of a snow mountain:
I choose a icy pale palette to bring across the idea of a lonely, isolated, cold winter night. However, I deliberately added a little red house at the top of the mountain to suggest that life and warmth is present even in a desolate place like this, which sets as a contrast to the whole image.

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  1. Interesting! You can probably even use Chinese Ink painting as a medium for your coursework. It would really stand out amongst the crowd :) I like the second painting, which in my opinion displayed your control over the ink colours and lines