Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photography in Segamat (Malaysia)

I visited my grandmother in Malaysia during the December holidays. Here are some of the photographs I took while sitting at the balcony outside my grandmother's house.

I like how the three different cats walk side by side, as if they are a strong and amiable team.

This photograph depicts a cat, which seems to be walking into a magical mist at the bottom left hand corner of the photo where the first cat has already disappeared into. Despite this effect being unintentional, it illustrate a story for the photo.
 Two black and white cats standing side by side on a road, bringing a sense of loneliness and isolation to the picture despite the cats being accompanied by each other.
 A adorable little cat looking right up with curious eyes, making itself the very focus of the photo.
Happy family: Mother cat resting with her two kitten fooling with each other at the side.
 Natural plants hanging from the cable across the skyline, reflecting a simple, lyrical beauty.
 Potted plant with purple flowers against concrete background. Colours in the photograph naturally complement each other, creating a harmonious and balanced composition.
Close-up shot of a dog from a tilted angle, bringing focus to the expression on the dog's face, which is what I would interpret as the sorrow of being chained up from its freedom.
 Landscape across the orange field.
 Cracked egg shell with sediments. Rough texture of the grainy sand contrast with the smooth egg shell, bring sparks to the picture.

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