Monday, January 17, 2011

Past Works

"No Drugs" Sec 2 Design: 
Illustrates how a drug addicts' dreams, hopes, beliefs, family comes crashing down immediately as she consumes drugs. The drug tablets flow down in a rainbow of colours, symbolizing how drugs seems so attractive and harmless at first. Yet, while one is succumb to it, her life crashes down even before she notices.

Sec 3 Fashion Design Module:
Based on the theme "Microbes", I designed a short party dress. The dress is incoporated with elements of microbes that seem to be floating down a sea of gradient of blue and turqoise. Soft folds and puffs delibrately added at the edge of the dress were inspired by corals in the sea and serves to add some lightness to the dress.

Sec 1 EOY Painting:
A surrealist approach to depict a horse turning into a unicorn as a carriage goes by the trees. Also, alternating positions of the carriage and horse being behind and in front of the tree seeks to bring confusion to viewers.

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