Saturday, February 19, 2011

Inspiration - Ben Heine

Thanks to Xindi for introducing me to this artist/photographer. Upon viewing his works, it really gave me a better idea on how to go about creating surrealistic art pieces, which would be an aspect of my coursework that I have long been wondering how to fulfill.

Scenic landmarks like the Eiffel tower on the left is made surrealistic simply by adding a hand that seems to be lift the Eiffel tower.

 Some kind of contrast and irony exist in this photograph, with the impossible and ridiculous sight of a rhino serous in front of a concrete building. The serious feel that the architecture exudes is largely contrasted by the cartoonist feel from the rhino serous. Also, the "glowing effect" around the building makes the photograph surrealistic. 
 I am perhaps doing a street scene for one of my coursework paintings.
 Dramatic skies can also make a painting surreal.
 This photo is surreal because of the oversize tea cup placed on the streets. I find this method of creating a surreal feel rather familiar. It reminds me of the painting below, done by Rene Magritte, and a photo taken by Rachel when we were in London last May.

Personal Values
Rene Magritte

Photograph taken by Rachel.

The dark ominous sky and dark waters add a mysterious and surrealistic feel to the photo.
Colours, Clouds and the rays of light makes the painting magical and surrealistic.

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