Friday, February 11, 2011

Inspiration: THE SKY

P. A. Nisbet
Elysian Fields
Painting - Oil on Canvas 
28 x 24 inches

I would love to have this painting. Upon viewing the layers of clouds above the vast blue sky, I am inspired by the endless possibilities that life presents to us, just like these “endless” array of clouds.
Clouds, such a simple subject. Yet, the artist is able to depict it in such as magical manner. It is amazing, almost incredible. In my opinion, the work is an extraordinary combination of technical prowess and sensitivity to the forces of nature. It is also infused with a reverence for those transcendent moments in which nature asserts it power over man.

Nicole Hyde
Painting - Oil on Canvas 
30 x 30 inches

I love dramatic skies. This painting will stand out against the others due to several reasons. Reasons being, the composition of sky and earth is simple yet alluring. Furthermore, the colour of the sky is ultramarine green, which is unusual and interesting at the same time, brining a surrealistic feel to the painting. The ray of light penetrating through the clouds also brings focus to the sky while the small lighted houses on the ground symbolises life under the vast green sky.

 The artist has definitely explored beyond physical spaces into ones’ inner life. Bridging abstraction and representation, the landscape is a metaphorical musing of a place she wishes to be at. Lastly, the poeticism and drama of skies and clouds combined with the spaciousness of land gives that painting a clearly defined “character”.

Link to Coursework:
As I am planning to depict dramatic skies as background in some of the paintings in my coursework, these paintings would serve as good inspiration and guides for me.

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