Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Coursework Plan

AEP Coursework

Theme: Travel and Living 

Observation: Nowadays, city dwellers tend to lead a really hectic lifestyle as they rush through their days with work, work and more work. Therefore, it is really seldom that people remember to slow down their pace of lifestyle to pay more attention to the happenings in their surroundings. Naturally, being so caught up in their work, they would not notice the beauty in their surroundings as well. 

Purpose:  Therefore, I wish to create a series of 4 paintings depicting local scenes and scenes from other countries (eg: Europe), with 2 of each type of scenes.

The local scenes are what we view everyday, yet out fast pace of life results in us neglecting to take notice of the beauty present and hidden in them since we often get tired and bored of them.

As for the scenes from other countries, they are places which I personally see great beauty in. I feel that these are the places busy city dwellers should take time off to visit and immerse themselves in; for this would definitely bring them calmness and relaxation as they clear off their cluttered minds to leave some corners for creative energy in their lives. Hereby, my intention is to encourage viewers to be enthusiastic to travel to discover more beauty in other cultures from overseas.

In general, I hope that after viewers learn to “see” the hidden beauty in their everyday surroundings as well as be eager to discover more by travelling, they will realize that life is anything but ordinary. 

Execution: I would like the paintings to be small-medium in size due to the fact that I wish to execute a series of oil paintings instead of just a single work. Also, in these paintings depicting scenes and landscapes, I wish to add in numerous little details and tiny events, so as to bring “live” to the painting as well as make viewers be willing to come close up to examine the paintings in order to see that little events in the painting. The details and events will mostly be unexpected, whimsical and surrealistic ones, so as to add a twist and vibe to the painting instead off just painting standard scenes.  Also, as the audience come closer to view the paintings and realize that there are so much more little sparks of excitement in the paintings than they could not notice afar, they will hopefully, understand how life is similar to these paintings in that sense that you have to slow down and take in the beauty in your surroundings in order to find true meaning in it.
These works will basically be a reflection of mine perception of life. And perhaps, this would be an inspiration for viewers to put down their work and begin their journey of discovering the unique essence of their very own life that is yet to be discovered. 

Medium: Canvas, Oil Paint

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