Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Inspiration and Writings: Babara Flowers' Oil Paintings

Introduction on writer 
Barbara Flowers creates art that conveys the same sense of beauty to the viewer that inspired the artist. Flowers' art may include energetic brushwork, palette knife work, soft passages of blended paint or a heavy build-up of paint. She strives for just enough variety without too much unity so as to capture the viewer’s attention.

Hydrangeas and Pommegranates
oil, 40x40

This work resembles that of an impressionist. I really admire the "soft" quality in the painting, making the painting a true comfort to the sight. Sometimes, painting simply things is life is truly the most beautiful aspect painters can take. Brushworks are painterly and the colour scheme used is generally subdued as seen from the  white flower, white ceramic vase and the light brown background. However, some brighter colours are such as red for the pomegranates are used as well, serving as a contrast to the light hues elsewhere. I also like how there seem to be rain painted in the background, complementing the simple composition. 

Barbara  Flowers - more info
After the Rain
Painting - Oil on Canvas
12 x 12 inches

Another painting that I really like.  I personally thinks that scenes after the rain are one of the most worth capturing as it really has a unique essence to it. Placed against a European setting, the artist uses direction brushworks to depict the people on the street, the muddy water puddles , and even the building. I really like the atmosphere that the artist manage to capture in the painting, as it is truly the "feeling " people get after an evening rain, with the sky being slightly darkened from the rain before as sunlight streams in gradually, the road flooded, the lightings from windows and streetlights lit up, bringing warmth to the scene. It is easy to depict everyday scenes, but challenging to be able to capture the true essence of the scene, which I feel that the writer has really achieved through good control of brushworks and appropriate colour choices. 

Barbara  Flowers - more info

Towards Notre Dame, Paris
Painting - Oil on Linen  
16 x 8 inches

Inspiration for coursework

This painting brings back lovely memories of our AEP trip to Paris last year. I miss walking through the streets of  Paris on those chilly days. The snap shot composition makes the painting seem really "real", with not artifice of any sort. Also, I like how the painting appear long and narrow, bringing more focus to the beautiful architecture in the surroundings and also gives the audience a better understanding of how it feels like to walk on the street besides those old buildings that are themselves a majestic piece of art.

As I will being painting surrealistic landscape scenes for my coursework, such paintings would serve as a good source of reference for me to consider different compositions and subjects for various scenes. 

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